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Hiatus is up even if I was enjoying it. Now that Spike has had some time to take a break and decide whether or not he wanted to come back or not, he has chosen to stay. I will be working on drafts.
Just a little note for everyone, I am going to be more selective for when it comes to threads. I have gone through the drafts pile and deleted a few replies because I nor Spike were feeling those threads. Also, I will be limiting short threads because 1.) They get boring 2.) They often do get forgotten 3.)I don’t have the patience for small things anymore.
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Hiatus is up even if I was enjoying it. Now that Spike has had some time to take a break and decide whether or not he wanted to come back or not, he has chosen to stay. I will be working on drafts.

Just a little note for everyone, I am going to be more selective for when it comes to threads. I have gone through the drafts pile and deleted a few replies because I nor Spike were feeling those threads. Also, I will be limiting short threads because 1.) They get boring 2.) They often do get forgotten 3.)I don’t have the patience for small things anymore.

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              ( Sunnydale California. Home to the strange, deranged, and down right creepy.                                                      But for today, it was home. 
It wasn’t often that a case brought Kenzi and Bo across state lines. This case, however, was the exception. Missing teens and distraught parents desperate for answers that they obviously weren’t getting from the local authorities. That raised some red flags for Kenzi’s succubestie, who was now well on her way to succubusting the culprits and doing that big                                                   hero thing she was so good at.
Bo, the big hero. And Kenzi the side-kick extraordinaire, tossing back Irish car bombs in some shady little dive bar. Because this case was a little more than she could handle, and even though Bo didn’t say it — even though she would neversay it — Kenzi knew it was because of what she was.
                                                          H U M A N.
Weak, fragile, useless, so bloody human. And for the first time in a long time she actually felt it. So naturally she found solace in the action of drinking. It was the quickest way to numb those less than pleasant feelings that were buzzing inside her.
Well, that and fresh air, which she suddenly found herself craving amid all the noise and chaos of her current surroundings. Setting her drink down, she rose from her seat and made her way to the nearest exit…

                                 Upon re-entry Kenzi wasn’t surprised to find that her seat was now occupied by what looked like a tall, blond, Queen of the Damned reject. Sure the poor sap hadn’t exactly done anything wrong — taking an empty seat in a crowded bar wasn’t a crime — but with the way Kenzi was still feeling she’d be damned if she gave up that seat without a fight. Because it wasn’t just a seat. It was Kenzi  N E E D I N G to prove that despite the fact that she was human she was still S T R O N G. That being human didn’t mean she had to be a push-over, and even if this stranger didn’t deserve it she was going to let him have it. )

       ❝Hey platinum barbie, Billy Idol called. He’d like his look back 

                            — and I’d like my seat back, if that’s not too much to ask.❞


               It had been a long night of chasing demons down and killing them so really, the vampire was looking for a bit of relaxation. And only large amounts of alcohol could do that. Maybe a warm or cold body to share his bed with for the night could too.
There had been an open stool at the bar so naturally he had taken it. Didn’t seem like anyone had been setting for a while so there was no harm in taking an empty seat in a crowded bar. Whilst he waited for his pitcher of beer and shots, he couldn’t help but think about the missing people, well more of the missing people in town. That had really been the main purpose behind him going out this evening; he wanted to see if he could find some leads for the Slayer and her merry group of bumbling idiots. But no such luck. All he had ran across was a large nest of demons who didn’t take too kindly to an intruding vampire.

               He couldn’t help but scan and register who all was around him. A few faces he recognized but there were a few faces that he hadn’t ever seen before. The succubus setting beside of him being one of those faces. He kept to himself though; didn’t want to have whatever life source was left in him sucked out. Spike had read enough of about the woman’s kind in the various books he had stumbled upon over the years. Drinking his beer and throwing back a shot or two, he really wasn’t paying attention.

                                  Wasn’t so much that he heard the human as it was that he could smell her long before she started going on about Billy Idol and wanting her chair back. Normally he would have objected and thrown a threat or two over his shoulder at a drunk but he had a feeling the succubus was there with the other. So he chose to keep his mouth shut as he actually thought about what he was going to say in turn.}


                            “Yea an’ Jack Daniels called saying he wanted his liquor back.

                                                —And my ass is too comfy ta move so yer shit out of luck.”

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He laughed again, shaking his head; it probably would be tie between him and the Slayer to see who would smack the elder vampire. He nodded and gave her a smile, “Could use some company ta’night now that ya mention it.” There was a wink thrown her way as he popped another piece of the deep fried onion into his mouth. He always tried to get her to come back with him but it was all for good fun.

Raphael laughed. “Nice try, Peroxide, nice try. Still, you’ll have to look somewhere else for that kind of company” “I’m in if you wanna go kill something, though” She added.

"Can’t blame a man for tryin’," he said with a broad grin on his face. Taking a large drink of beer, Spike shrugged. "Could do that I suppose. Though I wish you’d cave in already," he teased with a wink.

Anonymous asked: *crawls up on his lap, rolls over to look up at him* Mommy says I c'n make the end of my hair white and then I c'n make it stick up. ....How d'you make it white?" ~ Jacob




Spike chuckled as he looked down at the small boy in his lap, smile I’m coming to pull at the corners of his mouth. “Magic,” he said tickling Jacob’s sides. 

"Thank you, kiddo," the vampire replied with a small smile. He knew the boy was only saying that now because if his mother was right, daddy was always wrong. It is what it is and he had already accepted that. Spike thought about the little version of him’s question as he prepared the bleaching product. "Well…me and yer Uncle Angel go way back," he started as he placed the bottle on the counter before grabbing a white towel from the cupboard.

"An’ since we’ve known each other for so long, we…disagree a lot," he finished, wrapping the towel loosely around his sons neck to prevent his shirt from getting ruined. The blonde sniffed the solution and wrinkled his nose as well, "Yer right ‘bout that but it works." He poured a bit of it into the palm of his hand. "Now set still alright. Yer mother will have my head if I ruin yer clothin’."

Sucking in a deep breath Jacob tried to hold it so he didn’t have to smell any of the bleach. It worked for about half a minute until he was gasping for air. “Didn’ help….” The boy pouted and made a face as his little gasps forced him to have lung fulls of the yucky smell. Exactly what he wanted to avoid. 

"How far back?" As his dad settled the towel around him Jacob tilted his head to look up, "And doesn’ that mean you get along better? Not badder? Like me an’ Ellie?" They were together all the time and they didn’t fight. Much. That’s how being siblings worked right, that they didn’t fight a lot? Or maybe it meant they fight more, and he an’ Ellie were just different.

Oh well. Not wanting to make a mess and get Da in trouble Jacob looked forward again and settled down to hold as still as he could.

Shaking his head with a small chuckle, the blonde began to comb the bleach through the boys hair, making sure to get it worked into his short hair. As he did this, he thought about his sons question; it was a simple question but it held a long story as to why him and Angel had and still do on occasions fight so much.

"Long, long time ago," Spike said as he added more dye to his sons hair. "—Depends on the day, really. We’re sort o’like you an’ yer sis but not really in a way," he hoped this wasn’t confusing to Jacob but then again, it confused even him a bit. He let the silence settle in between them as he made sure that he got all the little spikes on the boys hair.

"Alright, kiddo," he said setting the small bottle down before washing his hands. "All done. Now just gotta wait ‘bout an hour or so an’ then we’ll come back in ‘ere and wash it out," he explained, removing the towel from around his neck. "Then you’ll have blonde lil spikes."

M!A | Hole In The World | OPEN



      There was a rather large elephant in the room and it was just sitting there with a grin on it’s face. He knew it, she knew it, anyone who would have been there with them would have noticed it. But he tried to think positive for the both of them, even if giving up and just holding her until the end looked inviting. If he did that, he would be joining her shortly after. He wasn’t going to live in a world where there wasn’t any sunshine.

      “No,” Spike whispered into her hair as he continued to cling to her. “Yer gonna bloody well fight ta keep livin’…You have to,” he was pleading now, barely able to keep the cracking of his voice hidden. He could feel tears stinging the corners of his eyes and he was fighting to keep them there; if he came undone, there would no longer be any strength. “Please…keep fightin’ for me…”


     ”It hurts…” Faith whispered, not sure how long she’d be able to keep running around looking for a way to survive before she weakened too much to even hold herself up anymore. “I don’t think I can.” Not bothering to hide her tears, the brunette shook her head, whimpering as more hot pain shot through her abdomen. There was a part of her that felt close to Fred - they were the only two that knew this feeling of cooking from the inside. 
         Although Faith thought that maybe the rapid loss of her strength was the hardest part. Ever since becoming a Slayer there was a constant thrum of pure power pulsating through her veins and now it was fading fast. She wouldn’t be much stronger than the average 5’3” woman anymore, in hours she’d be much weaker.


      It was killing him to stand there holding her and listen to the pain and sadness drip from every word she spoke. He wanted to do something for her, anything to help with the pain. And that was when he got the idea. Pulling back slightly—only enough so that he could look down at her—he gently brushed back her hair out of her face. “There’s a way ta keep ya ‘round,” he whispered.

      Spike wasn’t about to let the one person in his life who was his life leave it because of some damn magicks. “Let me turn you. It’s the only thing I…think will work,” he said looking at her with pleading eyes. Tears ran down his cheeks as he continued to look at the shell of the woman he fell in love with. “Please…I don’t want you lose you…Not again an’ not for good…”



It likes to show itself from time to time. I’ve been to the states plenty of times; mostly the California area. Most notably the Hellmouth; ever been? No, not a Slayer. If she were…well you wouldn’t have got a birthday present from me. Sweet until the last drop, how I like my food. 

Yes to the Hellmouth for I do go there a time or two to visit a few individuals who run the town. A vampire, Nancy, she is Queen of Hellmouth last I recall and she beget a few children. Can you believe our kind hold the ability to beget little creatures upon this world? As for this heart, you have done well and mmmm, her blood while coagulated is hearty. Ha, hearty I believe puns are beginning to come into my language now.

Not remember a Nancy ever “running” things. Think yer sources might be a lil outdated. An’ here’s hopin’ I never have any. Well I’m pleased ta hear that, love. Puns have always been a favorite sort of mine. They’re amusin’ and a good way to annoy an enemy.

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Ariel raises a brow, leaning against the wall and crossing her arms. “Right back ‘atcha.” She says, eyes twinkling.

He nodded, “Yer brother sounds like he don’t know what the hell he’s talkin’ ‘bout.” The vampire followed her up to the cabin, standing back a bit as he waited for her to invite him. Once she said he could come in, he flashed her a small smile as he ducked his head down and entered the cabin. He had nothing planned…well sort of anyways. Spike had done his homework on the family of hunters so he knew a little bit about them all. He knew that Dean—the eldest—was very protective of his sister and thought she was innocence. And she would appear to be that way, but he knew a few things. “So…Ariel,” he said, examining the living room. “How’s the demon killin’ business?”

She watches him, eyes slightly narrowed. “Same as usual. Bad guys need hunting.” She falls silent, before clearing her throat. “Why are you here, exactly?” She asks, her skepticism clear in her voice.

"Of course, of course. We all should feel so lucky ta have yer brothers out there runnin’ ‘round protectin’ all the lil kiddies and their mums,” he quipped in turn, each word dripping with sarcasm. Spike moved around, poking at random things that he saw. He dropped his hand from the fireplace mantel and looked over his shoulder to look at the hunter. “Just thought I’d stop in an announce my presence,” he lied, smirking a bit. 

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She looks up, smirk in place. “Gonna share details, or just be a tease?” She lets her eyes travel over him.

(Seriously. I would say get a room, but they would. Gonna need to separate the two of them. Lmao.)

"An’ only you," he replies before pressing his lips against hers, his hands moving to rest on her rear as he pulled her closer to him. He couldn’t resist her; she was like a drug.

She let her legs shift so she was basically sitting flush with him, kissing him back. She hums before pulling back and licking her lips. “See? Plenty nice.”

Laughing a bit, he pulls her down for another kiss, his tongue running against her full bottom lip before invading her mouth. He continued to cup her ass firmly, enjoying the feeling of having her pulled flush against him. “But I can be very mean,” he smirked against her lips.

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        Will didn’t say anything else, he just stood there and stared at her. It had been a few years now; they had left Boston and moved to L.A. like how they talked about doing. He had bought the ring months ago but he had wanted to wait until the right time. And apparently breakfast was the right time.

        “Say something…do something rather than just stare at me, Faith,” he whispered, finding the silence unnerving somewhat.

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"Don’t I?" She asked leveling her eyes on Spike.  "You don’t think I’ve done horrible things?"

"Anything for you," he whispered before returning the kiss to her cheek, his lips lingering for a minute before he pulled back and squared his shoulders. "How long are ya in town?"

She looked down at his returned kiss, noting his lips lingering a bit.

"I’m here as long as I’m needed," Hallie answered lifting her eyes as she sat back, carefully smoothing out the already pressed blouse she wore.

Nodding, Spike moved to lean back in his own chair as he thought for a moment. Usually he’d be able to just come out and say what he wanted to say, but having the woman who he still held a flame for sitting in front of him…well it made old feelings float to the surface.

"Would you be for goin’ out for a drink or two with me?" the vampire asked nonchalantly, giving the woman a half smile.